A complete set of our products consist of Shampoo, leave in conditioner, deep conditioner, herbal oil, hair butter and detangling tea. I recommend the set so that your hair can benefit from our steps 1 to 6. With Harmony Naturals, growing out your hair, is a process…

And if you are consistent with the routine, you will achieve your hair goals because our products are made from carefully selected seeds and herbs to cater to our hair needs..

My entire regimen revolves around these 6 products..


Our products are sure to help you have a blissful Natural hair journey. With consistency, you’ll notice that your hair is thicker and healthier. You’ll also notice that you’ve retained length.

We’ll be glad to be a part of your hair journey.

Get in touch with us today and rewrite your hair story.

Chris lindsay
CEO / Founder

I am Chris Lindsay, a natural hair advocate and product formulator

Christopher Ehizonomen Ighalo

I am Christopher Ighalo, Chief Operations Officer, Harmony Naturals.